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Need the Cheapest Defcon 1 in NZ?

If you’re looking for Defcon 1, you’ve come to the right place. Payless Supplements is the leading online retailer for Defcon 1 across New Zealand because we are the only store who can guarantee you the lowest prices – anywhere in the country!
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DEFCON1 is the highest state of Alert and that is exactly where you will be when training after a dose of DEFCON1.

While other preworkouts just seem to load more and more stimulants into their products and promise focus, delivering a jittery workout and horrible crash afterwards. DEFCON1 uses brain boosting nootropics to dramatically increase cognitive ability and mind to muscle connection. Nootropics have been proven in numerous human studies to increase brain function, communication between left and right hemispheres of the brain, help with study and concentration and even increase IQ scores. Platinum Labs is the first company to ever combine these amazing substances into a pre-workout to get you focused and driven like never before! We weren?t done there though as not only did we want to give laser like focus but also people to be loving every single extra rep! So we also included mood enhancing compounds to put you in a positive and focused state of mind!

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